musical biology with a modern touch

Linnaea is an Amsterdam-based producer/ singer/ songwriter.

Illuminating layers of human existence that are elegantly untouched, her flowing lyrics and original melodies over uniquely-produced electronic pop tracks create truly memorable music. She pulls inspiration from the natural world, fashion cinematography, and personal pain.


Born in St. Louis, USA, she grew up in Singapore, and has spent significant parts of her life living in France, Switzerland, Morocco, and now the Netherlands. Her extensive travels have influenced her music since she was young.  This international songstress grew up exploring her parents diverse music collection from New Orleans jazz to French-Algerian rap, Swedish pop to traditional Alpine sonics. Her Swedish-American background brings identity-base work into the forefront of all of her projects.

Linnaea has a number of fashion collaborations already under her belt. She has represented French couture house Aux Corps Anonymes in a series of ads by Instagram powerhouse Badara Official, as well as sporting the freshest up-and-coming Swiss designers for her performances, from Julia Seemann to YVY & After Work Studios. Most recently, she was featured in a campaign in Paris for Thai silk handbag designer Pava.

With a fresh approach to production - merging process with product - a track from Linnaea is sure to inspire introspection and movement.

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Laken Sylvander



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